Crankshaft installed


Bearing       clearance     checked


Pistons Installed

​Layout for block to be ported and relieved

Here is the reason why we need to pressure test the block

​Cleaned block ready to remove seized broken head studs

Oil gallery modifications for Full Flow oil filtration

Pressure testing block

59a Flathead rebuilding for '30 Model A Roadster Street Rod

Testing valve clearance for Isky 88 cam

Valves  installed 

*note:  new style block relieve

​Drilling broken studs out


Finished, ported and relieved work, now onto resurface machine.  *.005 removed from deck

Refurbished Fenton 3 deuce intake

Flathead Rebuild - from Start to Finish

​Ready for test stand

Cylinder precision bored

Painted block. 

Finish honing of cylinders.