Line bore repaired and straightened. 

Crank center lines changed.

Assembling 50 Mercury 276 cu. in. engine for 32 Ford coupe.  Customer in Phoenix AZ.


Precision flathead cylinder honing. 
Inline cylinder honing.
Hot tank vat cleaning.
Crankshaft polishing.
Connecting rod resizing.
Cam degreeing.

Coyote custom nostalgia plug wire set for 32 Ford coupe.  Nostalgia Mallory flat top cap distributor.  Edelbrock heads and intake.  Isky 77B cam.

Custom machining an engine adapter plate.

Blocks and heads redecked to precision finish. Professional surface grinding.

​Custom made straight toothed gears.

​Custom made windage tray for racing Flathead.

Why throw away a damaged aluminum head when we can repair, weld, resurface and resize the combustion chamber?


Complete engine assembly, includes test running and tuning.

Degreeing cam on Flathead with custom timing cover.

Original 38 Ford rebuild.

Hardened seats installed, bronze guide inserts installed, 3-angle seat cutting, broken stud removal and crack repair.

Custom girdle with steel main bearing caps, Moldex crankshaft,  Scat rods and Billet main caps.

Cylinder boring.  
Sleeves installed.
Crack repair.

38 Ford 221 cu. in. rebuilt bottom end.

Refacing of non-replaceable tappets (lifters).